For International Assignees

Are you an International Assignee?  We offer Pre-Departure Training and/or Post-Arrival support for you and your family!!

Just arrived in the UK?  Or preparing to leave the UK for an overseas assignment?  Contact us to discuss how we can provide training and support to increase your chances of having a positive and successful experience!

Research has shown that Coaching combined with Training is the most effective type of support for international assignees. (“Coaching Expatriate Managers for Success” – Abbott, Stenning, Atkins & Grant, 2006).  With training and coaching, an assignee can move from merely “surviving” to “thriving” in a new culture. Learning to live and work in a new culture can enhance your leadership skills, help you find creative solutions to problems and create synergy within diverse teams.

Our training and coaching services can help you achieve all this and enable you and your family to enjoy success on your international assignment.

Contact us to find out more about our Training & Coaching packages and fee schedules.