Viewpoint Innovation provides Cross-Cultural  training, coaching and consulting services and also specializes in the provision of training and coaching for international assignees. Our cross-cultural training programmes are always tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

Your consultants

   Grace Doris                 Anj Doshi           Gerry O’Hanlon               Glen Doris


Cross-Cultural coaching and training is essential for :

  • Global/International Companies. The globalization of business has brought about complexities that require a new level of leadership and thought process. Find out how cross-cultural coaching and training can help develop mental complexity & leadership skills, manage change, and create synergy within diverse teams.
  • International Assignees. Pre-Departure training and coaching and post-arrival support can go a long way towards increasing the likelihood of success in adjusting to a new culture. The international assignee (and their family) benefit and the costs of early repatriation are avoided.
  • Universities & International Students. As universities compete for the top spots in the world rankings, and international students increase in numbers, cross-cultural coaching and training provide essential support for staff and students when teaching and learning in a diverse cultural environment.  Students who are adapting to a new culture and system of education can find that this support is invaluable during the initial time of transition and adjustment. Students who are provided with cross-cultural support are more likely to thrive academically and socially and ultimately, have a positive university experience.

Grace delivering cross-cultural training for University of Aberdeen students