Are you thriving at work and in life generally?  People are discovering more and more that resilient and innovative thinking is vital when responding to the many complexities we all face.  Grace at Viewpoint Innovation Counselling & Coaching can help equip you with new and better ways of thinking and problem-solving by raising self-awareness and building resilience.

Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Grace provides counselling and coaching for clients from diverse backgrounds and mindsets.  Clients are able to access counselling and coaching at our counselling office or online, by Zoom video calls or by telephone.  Online counseling and coaching enable clients from Aberdeen and in other parts of the UK or in some parts of the world to also benefit from our services.

Life can sometimes be difficult and complex.  You encounter challenges along the way….

  • Interpersonal issues e.g. conflict, misunderstanding.
  • Working or relating with people from other cultures.
  • Experiencing stress at work, at home or in relationships.
  • Mental health issues eg anxiety, depression, emotional trauma, bereavement & loss, anger management etc….

You need a new way of thinking, a new set of strategies and tools to navigate successfully through this complex stage of life.

For more information about our counselling and coaching services, please contact Grace for a free 30 minute consultation.