“The training has really helped me to appreciate the beauty of other cultures. It was an eye opener into knowing myself better and also being able to relate with other people”   T O Odenuga, Course Participant

“The training by Glen & Grace was very useful for me in identifying my location on the journey to acculturation and understanding my feelings in recent times. I shall be using the training tips to improve the quality of my interactions and when I go on my next international assignment”.  I I A, Course Participant

“I traveled out for some time, only to my surprise not one of my fellow volunteers cares to say ‘Welcome’ and ‘How was your journey?’. But after this teaching I just see it as part of the culture and feel so free.  Thank you for lifting my bad feelings through this teaching.” Course Participant

“Sometimes we think we know the best, sometimes we think our way is best just because it is the only way we’ve known all our lives. I’ve been able to see things differently through the training and I’m a bit more open to re-thinking my actions, notions and beliefs in the light of this new knowledge.  I feel I can understand people better now.”  O. A., Course Participant

“Excellent informative training session, Grace & Glen easy to listen to and held attention of the whole group”.  J McPherson, SMH

“Very  informative – well delivered course!! Met my needs and will approach my working experience with multicultural families with greater confidence.  Thank you.”  CM, Aberdeenshire Council (Education Service)

“Very worthwhile course! Made me reflect on how I work with families from a different culture and identify ways I can work better.”  HM, Aberdeenshire Council

“Enjoyable training.  Grace is very knowledgeable in this area and very approachable. The course was run at a good pace and lots of light-hearted exercises.  I would recommend this course to my colleagues.”  JC, Course Participant

“A most enjoyable day full of facts which were enhanced by Grace’s own life experiences.  I will now have much more understanding when dealing with people from other cultures.”  E Percival, Aberdeenshire Council

“I found the session enjoyable and would like to do this again”.  Mark Anju, ITF

“Grace has obviously acquired a wealth of experience that she can quite admirably pass on to others considering international ventures”. D.L., ITF



Grace’s friendly, relaxed style immediately put me at ease in our coaching session.  Using open questions that encouraged me to explore my issues in depth and that challenged me to consider my current approaches, Grace created insights into my communication style and mindset that I found extremely helpful.” Alan Bond, Company Director

“I found Grace to be warm, very approachable and easy to connect to.  Grace’s ability to give the right amount of empathy and understanding of the issue at hand, without diluting her ability to assist in moving me forward in the issue, was first class.”    Lisa Esslemont, Wellness Coach

 “These coaching sessions with Grace have resulted in me being much more satisfied with my current situation and much more positive about what’s next. I even feel more in charge of my own life now.  Thank you very much, Grace, for asking all these questions that made me fall silent for a moment. Every time that happened I knew I was about to discover something valuable again.”  G.K., Aberdeenshire

 “I have been privileged recently to receive some life coaching from Grace Doris. For me, the past few months have been characterised by issues with regard to making life choices often in conflict with each other in terms of their implications for the values and ethos that I deeply hold. Spending a little focused time with Grace was invaluable for me in clarifying what ought to be important for me given my belief system. While the earlier sessions were useful in prompting me to test the avenues of action which common sense might suggest, the most useful session was the discussion on values. This has helped me immensely in assigning a sense of priority to the various options open for me in a way that would be consistent with my beliefs and values. I am very grateful to Grace for helping me arrive at a point of clarity which would not have been possible otherwise.”   Dr Hector Williams,  Aberdeen

 “During each session Grace and I agreed on some action points. I found this idea particularly helpful, as it made me act where I would otherwise probably have been tempted to forget to do something.  This gives me a sense of ‘being organised’. It makes me feel free, because I am expressing myself by means of the choices I am making and the way I lead and plan my life. My self-esteem has increased in the process because I realize that I am an individual with unique likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses and gifts and it is okay to say yes to them and pursue one’s likes and strengths and not just to go by what I thought I ought to do.    I feel I have become more organized in how I approach my present life and future.   I am more focused.”   E.K., Aberdeen