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PgCert Coaching (Aberdeen), BMin (ACT), AssocDipSocSc

Originally from Malaysia, Grace has lived and worked in 3 different countries (Malaysia, Australia and the UK).   She also had the unique opportunity of living and working on board an international ship, the MV Doulos from 2002 to 2006 with an international crew/staff from more than 40 different nations.   Grace has a rich blend of life experience and qualifications in cross-cultural coaching and training having trained and coached many international assignees over the last 7 years, predominantly in the oil and gas industry.   Happily married to Glen (Australia/UK) now for over 23 years and raising her own “third-culture” kids, Grace is passionate about supporting people who are trying to make sense of their own cross-cultural experience.   She says “It is not easy to relocate to another country and learn to live in a new culture but having knowledge, curiosity, respect and the willingness to learn, are essential traits for the success of anyone living and working around the world”

PhD (Aberdeen), MTh (Aberdeen), GradDipInfTech (QUT), BTh (ACT), AssocDipSocSc

Born in Scotland but raised in Australia, Glen grew up within a cross-cultural dynamic during his formative years.  For 6 years Glen lived and worked on an international ship (the MV Doulos), providing aid and development to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. For 4 of these years he led a communications team dealing with public relations and local media and, at times, worked as an official spokesperson for the organization to the international press. While working on board the MV Doulos, he has travelled to over 50 countries.  These experiences have provided a rich source of experiences relevant to those having to venture out to live and work in countries and cultures far removed from their own.

Glen’s history research and publications have focused on the connections between ideology, economics and public responses to crisis and social change. His interest is in the unacknowledged relationship between international business and societal change, particularly the shaping of national moral culture.

Glen has presented his work at a variety of academic symposia and has been a keynote speaker at conferences in many countries dealing with a variety of topics. Glen has also taught seminars on the dynamics of ‘re-entry’ – preparing expatriate workers for return to their home countries after extended tours abroad. He has been married to Grace for over 17 years and they have 2 children together.

Glen has recently completed a Doctorate in History at the University of Aberdeen.


Viewpoint Innovation North-East

Dr Anjana Doshi BSc.(Hon), MSc. , PhD. (Manchester)

Born toAnj expatriate parents working in Tanzania and then later in Southern Africa, a second generation British citizen of Indian origin, Anjana was raised in Zambia until the age of sixteen before returning to the UK when her parents repatriated for family reasons.  She grew up within a diverse and interesting cross-cultural dynamic offered by the mix of expatriate and indigenous communities surrounding her during her formative years.

Anjana studied in the UK at degree and post graduate level before taking up a job with ICI Plc. which offered her a great start to her corporate career with them for the next ten years and other blue chip companies thereafter.  She is a practicing Management Consultant and Leadership Coach with a passion for performance improvement through the engagement of people. Building resilience in teams, developing robust communication by activating inclusion and pulling on cross cultural differences within organisations is her expertise.

The strong engineering and technical background has precipitated many opportunities over thirty years for her to travel and work extensively in culturally diverse teams and successfully lead project delivery in various countries around the globe: Asia, Africa, South and North America, Europe and the Middle East.  These experiences have provided a rich source of relevant knowledge and first hand application of many theories in cross cultural training.  She has been recognised as a successful change agent with a great affinity for people.

Anjana was invited to be one of the lead facilitators for a diversity and inclusion awareness programme for the British Foreign Office where appreciating cultural differences to enhance team working was pivotal to changing practices and behaviours across its operation.  This programme was successfully rolled out to 280 posts globally and Anjana developed some of the material and delivered it to many posts across continents.

These opportunities and personal experiences have all helped to build resilience, broaden horizons, strengthen values and beliefs. She believes one is enlightened and not challenged by differences.

Anjana lives in the North East of England with her extended close family. Besides English, she is fluent in Gujarati and Hindi. She has conversational fluency in French, Swahili, and is learning Mandarin.


Gerry O’Hanlon 
BA Hons (Newcastle), M Ed, (Newcastle), PGCE (Newcastle), NPQH (National College of School Leadership)

Gerry is a membegerryr of: The Association for Language Learning  and a life member of the National Association of Head Teachers.

Gerry grew up in Birmingham, where he also worked as an employment consultant in a multi-cultural environment. He then read modern languages at Newcastle University before teaching English at schools and universities in Germany for 4 years. He trained as an education coach and has taught modern languages and worked in educational leadership for over 25 years in the UK.  Furthermore he co-founded and chairs a medical charity working with partners in Europe and across the World.

Gerry has lived and worked in 3 different countries (Germany, France and the UK). He has been a translator, examiner and author as well as representing a German company in the UK. Gerry has taken part in teacher on placements in industry at Northumbria Water and the Newcastle Chronicle and Journal.

He has been married to Sylvia, a German doctor of medicine, for 30 years and has a wide range of personal cross-cultural experience which helps him to understand, support and coach others. Gerry and Sylvia have two bi-lingual sons who are qualified doctors.