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Grace Doris – Counsellor, Coach & Intercultural Consultant
Diploma in Integrative Counselling, PgCert Coaching, BMin, AssocDipSocSc,

Grace is an experienced counsellor and coach.  Having started as an intercultural coach over 10 years ago, Grace brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of human behaviour in different cultures.   Adding a Diploma in Integrative Counselling to her qualifications, Grace has the unique blend of both counselling and coaching skills, along with a wealth of life experience living and working around the world in multi-cultural teams, with people from diverse cultures, ages and mindsets.

Originally from Malaysia, Grace met her husband Glen (from Australia) on board an international ship, the MV Doulos and 10 years later, returned to live and work on board the MV Doulos again with their two young children from 2002 till 2005.  While on board, they lived and worked with people from 40 different countries and visited ports in Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.  Grace and her family now live in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Grace has worked with international assignees from all over the world and with multicultural teams in the oil and gas industry, local councils, Syrian refugees, higher education institutions and many other industries.

Involvement in other projects include working offshore delivering behavioural safety coaching and training to workers on oil and gas platforms and delivering resilience training.

Grace holds professional memberships with COSCA and the Association for Coaching, UK.

Glen Doris – Associate Intercultural Consultant

PhD (Aberdeen), MTh, Grad.Dip.Info.Tech, BTh, Ass.Dip.Soc.Sci.

Born in Scotland but raised in Australia, Glen grew up within a cross-cultural dynamic during his formative years.  For 6 years Glen lived and worked on an international ship (the MV Doulos), providing aid and development to countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. For 4 of these years he led a communications team dealing with public relations and local media and, at times, worked as an official spokesperson for the organization to the international press. While working on board the MV Doulos, he has travelled to over 50 countries.  These experiences have provided a rich source of experiences relevant to those having to venture out to live and work in countries and cultures far removed from their own.

Glen’s history research and publications have focused on the connections between ideology, economics and public responses to crisis and social change. His interest is in the unacknowledged relationship between international business and societal change, particularly the shaping of national moral culture.

Glen has presented his work at a variety of academic symposia and has been a keynote speaker at conferences in many countries dealing with a variety of topics. Glen has also taught seminars on the dynamics of ‘re-entry’ – preparing expatriate workers for return to their home countries after extended tours abroad. He has been married to Grace for over 25 years and they have 2 children together.

Anjana Doshi – Associate Intercultural Consultant

BSc.(Hon), MSc. , PhD. (Manchester)

Born to expatriate parents working in Tanzania and then later in Southern Africa, a second-generation British citizen of Indian origin, Anjana was raised in Zambia until the age of sixteen before returning to the UK when her parents repatriated for family reasons.  She grew up within a diverse cross-cultural dynamic offered by the mix of expatriate and indigenous communities surrounding her during her formative years.

She is a practicing Management Consultant and Leadership Coach with a passion for performance improvement through the engagement of people. Building resilience in teams, developing robust communication by activating inclusion and pulling on cross cultural differences within organisations is her expertise.

Working in various countries around the globe: Asia, Africa, South and North America, Europe and the Middle East provided a rich source of relevant knowledge and firsthand application of many theories in cross cultural training.