Education Sector Training and Consulting

In the education marketplace an international focus is essential for success. The long-term satisfaction of overseas students is a priority for any university, college or school. While many educational institutions spend large sums marketing themselves to overseas students, they often fail to focus on developing an understanding of the challenges faced by those who come from diverse cultures. Every student unable to successfully adapt to local educational life will find the quality of their student experience decreasing.

Glen speakingStudents who are given information and training about the adaption process to living and studying overseas have a greater chance of success and their academic performance will not be hampered by unnecessary stress and anxiety.

“Satisfied overseas students are often an institution’s best recruiters”

Faculty and staff who are trained to understand the different educational and social needs of overseas students are more likely to create an attractive learning environment and are better-equipped to meet their educational requirements.

Cross-cultural training can prevent misunderstandings and other culture-based challenges that may cause students to prematurely terminate their studies.

While student recruitment can bring students into local educational institutions, effective cross-cultural training for staff and students can keep them there. Satisfied overseas students are often an institution’s the best recruiters.

What we can provide.

  • Training for faculty and staff in cross-cultural awareness.
  • Information sessions for students / Orientation Week.
  • Consulting for specific culture-based student requirements.
  • Coaching for individual staff and students.

Testimonial – “Brilliant! Exactly what I think will be helpful within the University.”  Justine (Human Resources), University of Sunderland