Travels around the World – What have I learnt?

Having lived in 3 different countries (Malaysia, Australia and now the UK), and traveled to more than 70 ports all over the world, I have seen a lot of how people live in different countries.

River Transport – Madagascar

It is easy enough to spot the differences in clothing, travel, food, language and housing initially,  but it takes a while to get a deeper understanding of the different values and beliefs in operation in a new culture.

While a different culture may share some common ways of thinking with me, some of their beliefs and values will be different to how I think.  For instance, I have found that some cultures see time as scarce and others see time as plentiful.  While my preference would be to view time as scarce, and so I tend to live making the most of every minute, trying to be productive and efficient,  I can also benefit from occasionally taking on the mindset that time is plentiful so as to enable myself to slow down and enjoy time with friends, time for rest and recreation with the family, all of which do not produce tangible and measurable results, but are important for maintaining a good quality of life.

What are your preferences and how can you find value in a different way of thinking?

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